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Less Stress More Joy Happier 2017
in Hope, Lifestyle

Less Stress, More Joy: 8 Daily Habits For a Happier 2017

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The day after Christmas, in a moment of conviction and vulnerability, I began to share with my husband about my daily routine. I shared with him that every single day I feel like I am living my life 10 steps behind, with no hope of catching up. I feel frustrated, have more stress than I should and feel like I’m investing too much time in things that just don’t really matter. I’m ready for a change.

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bObiPet by bObsweep Review
in Uncategorized

bObi by bObsweep: The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to My Wood Floors

When my husband, Jesse, and I first put in our wood floors, we expected a little bit of dust here and there. We knew we would be cleaning the floors more often than we did when we had carpet. But goodness, we were in for a surprise! One toddler, one dog, multiple guests and a shedding rug later, we are now either sweeping at least four times a day or walking around with socks on at all times. Discovering the bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner by bObsweep is the best thing that has ever happened to our wood floors!
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in Hope

What the Man at Starbucks Taught Me about Compassion

The other morning I was about to get in line at Starbucks and a man ran ahead of me. He physically shoved me to the side to get in front of me. I silently stopped in my tracks, shocked, and he turned around and said he was “in a hurry” in a pretty nasty tone, and turned back to order his drink. I thought of a thousand not-so-kind words that I wanted to share with him at that moment. I had already had a rough morning and felt discouraged and frustrated that there had to be one more thing that went wrong.

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in Food

There’s a New Place in Town and Everyone’s Brewing About It

The fragrance of delicious food, garage doors leading to an outdoor seating area (which will soon be dog-friendly) and long, rustic community tables all set the tone for one of the most welcoming and popular happy hour spots in Albuquerque. You would never know by its vast following that Starr Brothers Brewing opened its doors less than a year ago. This Northeast Heights restaurant has already made ‘regulars’ out of newcomers and it is undoubtedly well-deserved.

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in Lifestyle

What’s Mine is Yours: Why We Have Unlimited Phone Access in our Marriage

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I want to preface this post by saying: I’m not (totally) crazy ;), I’m not insecure in my marriage and I’m not overly jealous. I don’t need nor want access to my husband’s phone at all times. And although any moments where we wish to do so are few and far between, he and I both have the freedom to look through one another’s messages, social media accounts or emails if ever we so choose. He has full access to my phone and I have full access to his.

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